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Sunday, February 27, 2005

spend a day there

i don't buy fashion magazines.

ok, i lie. sometimes when i am feeling particularly girly or if someone like johnny depp is on the front cover, i'll buy fashion magazines. but generally, they don't interest me. they claim to empower you to accept the 'real you' while simultaneously telling you that really, you ought to be six feet tall and be able to wear a plastic bag and still look real good.

i'm only five ten and really, brown paper is more me.

anyways, melissa left her girly magazine here when she left. i was secretly over joyed, and it distracted me for a good, oh, hour and bit last night. i particulaly enjoyed the articles that were about things you should do more of- pamper your feet, eat chocolate, buy that expensive handbag and have a banana facial were some of the suggestions.

i snarfled at all of them- pampering my feet means maybe possibly washing them after a day of abuse in my book, eating chocolate is not the best idea for me [given that it really just applies itself directly to my waist AND makes me so very hyper], the expensive handbag makes me laugh because never have i owned a handbag and to be honest- i'd eat the facial.

i guess i'm not cut out to be a fashion magazine girl.


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