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Friday, February 25, 2005

even for one more day

have i told you that i'm what could be described as a busty blonde?

well, if i haven't before, then i have now. i am what could be described as a busty blonde. i'm not a rake thin busty blonde though. rather, i could be described as someone who could weigh down a good lot of paper, mostly with the large nunga-nunagas i own.


the humanties section here at carleton is a close, slightly inbred and definately incestous group of people who throw one hell of a formal every year. this year, the theme is the nineteen thirties, so i've been bashing my head against a wall to find a dress. i did find one- that fabled little black number that every girl is supposed to won is now in my possession. however, i have since then proceeded to bash my head around while looking for a bra to hold down the basoomas.

i bought a bra today. the inner monologue went something like this:

"ummm, hello. are these...ahhh- HOLY CRAP I COULD SERVE DRINKS OFF OF THESE! and then, just. wait- wait. can't these be classified as some sort of weapon? i could totally take someone out with them. PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE! holy.....just. erm. um?"

i'm still flabbergasted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a blinkin busty blonde? Are you also an Angel sent by God? You never mentioned your busty breast before ... oh my God




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