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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

so let it rain, rain on he

i remember once when i was about sixteen i was cleaning our living room at home. the carpet is this old matted brown matter that's been present ever since tom built the house for his mother and aunt. in order to make it look especially clean, you really have to run the vacuum over it a lot of times.

anyways, on this one particual day there was this piece of fluff or some other random carpet bit that just would not get sucked up, no matter how many times i went over it with the vacuum of doom. [because the vacuum at home would suck your face off, given the chance]. finally, i picked up the fluff, inspected it, and then physically stuck it in the damned vacuum head.

my mother saw the whole thing transpire.

when i turned off the vacuum, she couldn't help but remark on it. "you know, we're a strange set. we'll actually take the time to pick up shit off the floor, inspect it, and then throw it back down and try to get it sucked up."

i had to agree with her. i mean, once you pick up some damned fluff that the vacuum rejects, why not hold on to it and then just throw it out?

the reason for all this?

tonight i randomly decided to vacuum my room [due to some random happenings that include sticks and flour and crumbs. don't ask] and did the same damn thing. i mean, i vacuumed over a piece of something four billion times, picked it up, examined it, then threw it back on the floor to get sucked up by the vacuum maybe hopefully possibly probably never.

god, i am a dork.


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