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Sunday, February 06, 2005

the sweetest thing

i just spent an hour on the phone with my younger brother.

i challenge you to find a better younger brother- the prize will be a dinner of majestic proportions cooked by yours truly from the leftovers in the bottom of my fridge, which currently include an old pepper, a quickly fading head of lettuce, some cheese and carrots.

but then i know i don't have to worry, because your quest will be entirely unsucessful.


[and yes, that muahahahahahahahaha right there was evil. very evil. like, the most evil of evils. more evil than the evil dead- ooooo bruce campbell. you better believe it].


Blogger James said...

I'll take that challenge! ...wait a minute...


Blogger melissa... said...

dude. motman.
i'm not saying better, i'm just saying mot.




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