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Sunday, February 06, 2005

sunlight, sunlight fills my room, it's sharp and its clear

"ooohhhh gaaaawwwwddd!" i creak out, my left arm flug carelessly above my head, the blanket over my face. "what's the time?"

[secretly, in my head, when i ask this i can hear gandalf in my head. you know, in rivendell when frodo wakes up after his near death experience with the nazgul and asks what the day is? well, i just hear gandalf answering. i'm a dork].

robin starts laughing. she tried to make it home last night, but was too tired so i had to arrange her and put her to bed. besides, we all know how much i love a sleep over.

"happy birthday megs!" she says.

oh yeah. what a way to start twenty one.


Blogger r!oz said...

From a Random click of the mouse, I wish you a Happy Birthday! Or post-congratulations.
Its like some crazy game and you now have access to The Drink and Whiskeys anytime of the week! Congrats.


Blogger Rob said...

Happy Birthday.
I have your blog in my favourites and check in on you every couple days, though I don't know you. Does that make me a stalker? I hope so...



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