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Thursday, February 03, 2005

only then it gets a chance to speak

"no REALLY." i say, my hands waving in front of me like usual "hot wax is the absolute worst thing that could happen in any situation."

yesterday, although still more then slightly fever-ish, tuesday and i ventured on a shopping trip extravaganza in an attempt to find dresses for the humanities formal which is slowly creeping up on us. we decided to go to st. laurent mall, mainly becaue neither one of us had ever been there before.

sixteen dresses and three hours later, we hadn't found anything so we gave up and headed for the market to meet up with a group of people for victoria's birthday. when we got to the rideau centre, we decided to stop and try on some more dresses because we were there.

eight dresses and forty-five minutes later, we leave that mall, again empty handed, and wander around the market eyeing the sights and searcing for the restaurant/pub we're looking for. our path is slightly deterred by a man getting arrested, but we eventually find fat tuesday's and meet up with everyone.

we ended up taking over a single long stretch of tables covered with drink advertisements and burning candles. they of course offer me the opportunity to voice my opinion that hot wax is indeed one of the worst things that can happen.

my theory is almost proven correct when peter, while playing with one of the glass holder, drops the candle into his lap. luckily, it has been out and the wax has been slowly colling for close to twenty minutes.

"ha HA!" i gleefully crow. "you see- right there? hot wax was the worst thing that could have happened, yeah?"

of course, he couldn't but agree.

i am the master of the fucking universe.


Blogger Saroja said...


I think that I like you being the Mistress/Master of the Universe.

I sure do love my Megs. I wish that I'd come out with you guys.



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