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Monday, January 24, 2005

something i had just about scraped through

"no, no. not amanda. wait are there two amandas?"

"she's tyler's girlfriend. really. ps- who came and studied with us in your room at christmas?"

"caitlin? but it wasn't caitlin. wait- what?"

instead of coversing like regular human beings, robin and i attempt to figure out the name of one of the girls in our program [shameful- we really should know all of them by now. blast] over msn whil i try rampantly to mash out some sort of drivel on philo's on the unchangableness of god while holding a conversation with anna about who exactly it is in the hums program that kyle knows.

sometimes, it hurts to think.


Blogger Saroja said...

hehehe. I'm sorry Megs, I didn't mean to cause such confusion. Methinks we had an equally rough night last night...stupid learning cell! Bah. ((hugs))

You are forever the Goddess of Open Waters and All Things Fishy and I will always be amazed with your name-knowledge of the program.



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