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Sunday, January 23, 2005

it's my life

when katy, tuesday and i finally make it to the house of peter, justin, jon and chester, i feel as if my legs are two rather detached fleshy stumps and that my hands are bits of dough attached to sticks. i realize how gross that sounds, but, well.... that's what it was like. sorry.

once we begin to warm up [read: ingest suberb alcoholic homemade apple cider with apple, orange ginger and clove chunks floating in it] we're offered a veritable smorgasbord of food.

food that consists of dead deer flesh.

i have to say though, that i was highly impressed with the venison burger which i ingested, and although i didn't make it to the venison spaghetti sauce i'm going to go with the assumption that it was probably pretty stellar as well.

in the end though, i just became highly distaracted by the bunny and spent a good ten minutes at the bottom of the stairs trying to woo it with imaginary treats. i promised bunny that next time i came i would bring her a ryvita cracker.

god i love bunnies.


Blogger James said...

I saw that post about U2. You can't fool me.


Blogger megs said...

yeah, well...i was actually demonstrating how to embed links and how to code in italics and bold to robin. so it was entirely random and pointless. but the site i linked to does have really good u2 information- hence the linkage to the right.



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