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Monday, January 17, 2005

it's not confidential

the guy across the aisle keeps shooting covert glances in our direction, his eyes travelling up and down robin's small frame, resting for long moments on the bulge in the centre of her body that just screams i'm-about-to-drop-a-baby from the side. i start to snort on the inside.

today, robin and i made a trek down bank street to pay off my visa bill [read: waaaaaaaah! i want my money back!] and deposit two cheques into my other account [read: that doesn't cover losses from the visa bill, motherfucker].

next, we went into the fresh fruit company to acquire fruit and vegetale mass- and most especially cabbage. [sidenote here- you see, i've been craving cabbage in coleslaw form for about a week now, so tonight after roman civ. class, wherein i decided that i would marry roland jeffreys because he's just so damn funny, i came home and made a giant mass of coleslaw and ate almost all of it while watching empire records with ashley and anna and brendan. now my mouth tastes like cabbage, hardcore. ewwww, yet.... mmmmm].

anyways, after that we hopped onto the nausea-inducing bus to south keys, where robin picked up some fish. of course, ottawa just happened to produce negative eight million seven hundred and seventy five thousand degrees centigrade below zero winchill today, so in order to ensure the safe travels of the wee fishy buggers, robin wrapped them in her special mountaineering hat and then tied the whole mess to her scarf and wore it under her coat, thus producing the whole i'm-about-to-drop-a-baby look.

besides some weird looks, the fish made it home in wonderful shape.


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