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Saturday, February 05, 2005

complicate this world

dance moves with mike temple to tom pettey. feeding trish a triscuit and telling her she was my girlfriend. dancing downtsairs and up. and entire bottle of merlot. telling peter that seeing his mullet made my life. using an australian accent to describe people descending the stairs. anagraming my name so that dave would remmeber it to my excellent goulash. an entire bottle of wine. mmm memrlot. actually staying away from the seventeen year olds. maybe possibly taking off sebastians shirt? not losing ralph [my new favourite possession of life]. getting vomit all. over. me. EWW motherfucker. watching vomit come out of noses. feeding liz wine and then cackling as she switched to vodka and gingerale. peanut butter at home with jam. stealing sara's cab. not making a single move at all.

tonight, my friends, was anight of good, solid, and sadly very very very wholesome debauchery.

and no, i didn;t make the moves on anyone- not even first year dave. i think i need a round of applause. yes. now. i want to hear it. call me up, you know. you looovvvvvvveeeee it.



Blogger Saroja said...

omigawd. *sits on her ball in stunned disbelief and envy* I missed an evening LIKE THAT? DAMN!

***applause for the Mistress of the Universe for not making the moves on ANYONE last night, despite a whole bottle of merlot***

PS: You are wholy responsible for taking some time later tonight and telling me EVERYTHING. *winks*



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