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Thursday, February 03, 2005

your heart is my home

robin is about to leave when she stops, shakes her head and says "no....no. i have to tell you now." she's not really talking to me, but rather herself. i can tell by the inclination of her head and the set of her jaw.

i prance back into my room, hissing, which causes some giggles to erupt from the power-booted girl behind me. in typical robin fashion, she orders me to sit, and starts telling me what i already mostly know, because of a dream i had, but really needed confirmation of.

"the safari trip....it's, well. dad's not funded for it, which means that it's pretty much an impossibility. which means, that, well. we might have to go on imagination vacation for real." she doesn't really falter, but her speech pattern is off.

truth be told- i'm not really disappointed. ok, well i am, but not really really. if that makes sense.

after all that boethius we've read, i can freaking prove to you that there is no such thing as chance. [go on, ask me to. heh heh heh. oh, and yes, that was an evil cackle, fif you were wondering]. however, i still believe in there being no such thing as coincidence. and then there was that dream i made mention of, which was so explicitly clear about africa that it really left no room for interpretation.

i must confess, however, that now i am now really freaking excited about planning an imagination-vacation. like, possibly even more excited than i was for the maybe-possibly chance of safari. [does that make me a bad person?]

anybody here want to go to switzerland?


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