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Saturday, February 05, 2005

help me someone help me please

i had the misfortune, on my nineteenth birthday, of partaking in too much raspberry flavoured vodka. this left me with possibly the worst hangover i have ever experience in my short life. kate, who also had the same experience as i, spent most of the night vomiting up all that she had consumed in an amazing display of fountain-like proportions. like, there was no horrible heaving or anything- just streams of vomit bubbling from all of the orifices in her face. astounding. you really should have seen it.

last night, i saw the same thing from some random first year, as he struggled to make it to the back door of the kitchen. intoxicted to the nines myself, [and being serenaded by some old due named george who told me i was beautiful and sang REM to me?], i could really only watch in pure amazement as he hit the top of the stairs, vomit streaming from his nose and proceeded to coat everything [and everyone] in the vicinity with nasty red alcohol vomit.

[was that too much? sorry.]

needless to say, i came home in the most unclean of states and am currently doing some much needed laundry in an attempt to rid my room and my clothes of that vile alcohol vomit smell.

fucking hell.


Blogger Katy said...

dude!~~ i'm soooo drunk!! i was at amy's and me and bram walked home and he was dynk and stoned and i was only drunk adn i made a snow angle but it was too icy , but i got him back to his room and i made it to my room all alone!! i'll talk to you tomorrow!!!
i lve you man! you're the best fucking none clone EVER!!! bye darling!!


Blogger Heather said...

You forgot about the pasta noodles...once she finished spewing the alcohol, the noodles came up, which I STUCK MY HAND IN.



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