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Monday, February 21, 2005

wait- they don't love you like i love you

jen and robin are dancing to something indefinable while melissa and i are trying to find some way to not get attacked by the terrible elbows of the prom-type princesses that have swept onto the floor. i turn to melissa- AND AM HORRIBLY HORRIBLY SCANDALIZED!

behind her, on the floor are two girls, wearing mini miniskirts- like, hello, my vagina is hanging out mini-skirts. they're making out with each other. and a boy at the same time. and the boy is, well, reallllly scummy. and there's tongues everywhere.

now, i'm a pretty liberal person. i'm not too concerned who you're macking with, when, where or how you choose to do so. however, my mouth just can't seem to close at the absolutely scandolous spectacle that is occuring in front of mine eyes.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" i yell, pointing at them, catching jen and robin's eyes. they too are scandalized by the sliding tongues and the hello!vagina skirts.

we leave shortly thereafter, hearing no u2, and proceed to be involved in a taxi showdown that involves out taxi driver telling the other angry taxi man who claims that we called him [and we didn't, i assure you] that he's an idiot and to fuck off. an entirely pricless an totally fucking decadant evening.

holy vagina!skirt batman.


Anonymous Ashley said...

I'm assuming u were at Barrymore's...and I missed the vagina skirts? WTF?! Clearly I'm missing way too much and must fly back immediately.
I decided to check your blog to see whats going on in the craziness that is home.
By the way how's the whole not saying the 'F' word thing going for ya? Its not FUCKING working for me!
I hope you are having a good week with Melissa!
See ya soon!



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