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Saturday, February 26, 2005

my eyes have now opened to a world where madness creeps

"i heard you stirring so i got prepared."

for about five seconds after this comment, i stare dumbly at the stove while peter laughs at me.

after my bra-shopping adventure of yesterday, i returned to my room, ate leftover curry and got really bored really fast. a cure for my boredom came in the form of an invite to the boys' house to make a paper mache penis chicken and cookies with tuesday and peter. [i know. i know. hums kids, remember?] anyways, after trucking over there with banana cake, extra newspaper and a bottle of wine, the evening very quickly progressed into hilarity as we slowly began raiding the house for objects to act as forms for the penis chicken.

[if any of pete's roommates are looking for the top to the pepper shaker i refuse to tell you what we did with it. really. and believe me, you don;t want to know].

anyways, by the time we were finished all of the various "parts" [because tuesday would be horrified if i wrote testicles] and cleaned up the kitchen and ourselves [mache. was. everywhere]it was far too late to move beyond the couch, so tuesday and i conquered the living room for a sleepover.

the drugs had nothing to do with being unable to move, i swear.

this morning, after coffee and early morning cookie baking, we baked and assembled the penis chicken, or chenis if you will. and tomorrow, while chez plays their psychedelic rock show, we're going to paint the bugger purple and green and give him feathers and strands of beads and have an all round general good time.

maybe i should do some reading?


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