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Saturday, March 19, 2005

it's funny how life can go

three totally unrelated kinda sorta bits of life.

first: i am currently listening to k-os on repeat. kelly told me that i needed k-os in my life, and i scoffed at this suggestion. however, right here right now i take back this scoffing because i am now convinced that everyone needs soem k-os in their life. really. go now and somehow obtain the love song and tell me it doesn't kick ass.

second: i told the humsboy that i wanted to kidnap him. [i told ashley, who is now laughing at me i bet, that i told tuesday, but really, i told the boy. sorry ashley- but there's more on you below]. now- tell me, was that a bit forward? the plan was that i would kidnap him, stuff him into my suitcase and fly to venice where we could tour the canals. god i'm such a dork.

third: ashley needs to be exaulted as an all powerful ticket goddess of the best luck EVER. i'm going out to buy her things right now, secretly maybe, that she may not want because she is ill with some sort of cough that rivals the consumption. but regardless, i shall be indebted to her for life because of her actions this morning, because...because...because....

i own two general admission tickets to u2.

i think i need to go lie down or something.


Blogger NooB said...

all i read in that post was ... "2 U2 tickets" ;)

lucky gal.


Blogger megs said...

more than lucky. i keep picking up the confirmation sheet and staring at it.


Blogger NooB said...

make sure u photocopy it ... keep copies in separate locations (risk management ;)) and possibly frame the original and store it in ur bank vault. lol



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