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Sunday, March 20, 2005

beneath the noise below the din

let's get something clear here.

the u2 camp can generally be divided into two sections- those who will follow, and those who will walk away. [har har- i couldn't resist. ugh- that was bad though, wasn't it?] anyways, over the years i've noticed that there really aren't a lot of in betweeners.

i mean, you've got bono- possibly the most arrognat lead singer in the world. let's get it clear here and now that i love him and would probably be smoted for worshipping a false idol if god still made personal appearances. however, i do understand it when people crack out the whole 'man that bono-guy is such a fuckin' prick saying he's the lead of the best band in the world' argument. then there's the edge who is generally ridiculed baselessly for his choice of headgear or his sound. adam and larry are generally skipped over- although comments could be made about the grimaces larry makes while drumming and the fact that he doesn't age, and that adam clayton is just...well. he's even weirder than your typical base player.

then there's the sound of u2. you've got the pre-war fans, the up-to-joshua tree fans, the zootv adorers, the pop haters, those who wish they had just stopped before making all that you can't leave behind and those who think the opposite.

[we won't even mention the whole joshua tree vs. achtung baby battle for the slot of best album].

anyways- the point of all this?

i don't really have one. i just wanted to blather non-sensically and have just time-vampired a few of your minutes away from you. i'm positively evil this morning.



Blogger melissa... said...

If you should ask then maybe they’d
Tell you what I would say,
Don’t try too hard to think
Don’t think at all

219 days and counting until the lemon drops.


Blogger NooB said...

beyond all the music and stuff, i like bono for his humanitarian work. all these celebs are in a great position to raise the profile of their causes and the ones that actually do it ... get my votes :)


Blogger James said...

Arrghh!!! My precious, precious time! Without these three minutes, how will I ever finish my harry potter paper!?



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