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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

you were right about the stars, each one is a setting sun

today, my friends, deserves commemoration.

i have always been a bit anal about my marks. i think that perhaps excelling in school was my way to counteract some of the chaotic events in my house when i was growing up- by always being a good student i could at leat have control over some element of my life, small may it be.

i think that it must be a reflection on how comfortable i am with my life in general when i tell you that today, when i got an essay back with a mark of D MINUS and comments that told me what i had written was a 'whimsical' bit of fiction, i only freaked for thirty seconds and then was impressed by the fact that the fiction i wrote was considered whimsical.

lowest. mark. ever.

i kind of feel like celebrating. look out lobster and stores with pants.


Blogger Saroja said...

Megs, you make me happy. I'm glad that you are so cool with yourself that your marks matter but not in such a way that it affects how you regard your inner goodness. I wish I were so balanced. (Imagines Megs as a sturdy three legged stool and me as a wobbly three legged chair).




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