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Saturday, April 02, 2005

my words will warm and calm you

so, i really like going to the movies.

no, i don;t think you understand. given the choice between the movies and some other random outing, i'll usually pick the movies. there's just something about gong into a theatre, shuffling to a seat, eating popcorn, seeing trailers, sitting in the dark and immersing yourself in another world.

last night i went to the mayfair with liz and kate and we immersed ourselves in neverland and the paris opera.

however, i'm forced to question my one-track male-type sexsxsex mind because, at the end of finding neverland [which i order all of you to go and see/buy because it is simply amazing and outstanding and beautiful], which was quite sad, my one track mind focussed in on mr. depp's hands.

instead of embracing the sadness of the moment, all i could think was "oooooh. look at those."

oh me.


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