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Saturday, April 16, 2005

i'll take away from you the things you never knew

after sleeping for countless hours following the red wine, beautiful conversation, lefotover chinese food and day of two exams, i woke and really, didn't so much feel like doing school work.

but i started, amassing and filling out all the vocabulary for my latin exam next thursday. that, however, didn't last so long as i had made arrangements with liz to go and see a house with her. a fourth year in our program had sent out an email because of its extreme proximity to carleton and its apparant goodness.

now, this house is currently occupied by four boys. i understand that perhaps boys have a different conception of what is acceptable when it comes to the level of cleanliness expected when people are coming to your house and maybe considering renting it. i know this isn't true across the board- take the boys for instance, i mean, their house might be messy but it certainly wasn't the same kind of squalor that liz and i proceeded to march through.

nice location, the house needed more love than the ghetto i'm living in next year.

liz and i wandered back to carleton where she stayed for a bit and then, after she left, i ate macaroni and cheese out a pot and pretended to work more on the latin. mostly i spent my time searchingfor macrons to make funny accents over letters, but it was related to latin, so i think it's justifiable....maybe.

and then- i called kate and we made crazy wicked plans to go downtown and see sahara after visiting the bank and having falafell for dinner.

this didn't exatly pan out- while we were walking downtown we stopped to see what was playing at the mayfair and saw to our secret hidden joy that lemony snickett's a series of unfortunate events and finding neveralnd were paired up, so we decided that this was obviously superior to seeing the good-badness that is sahara.

so- we went for a stroll, i carried around three hundred dollars in my wallet, i showed kate my ghetto house, we ate falafells and got iced mocha drinks that probably were horrible for us, we chased ducks, got strange looks from parents for playing on playground equipment obviously meant for very small children, went imaginary house looking and watched both movies and ate popcorn.

and yeah, i still perved over johnny depp's hands instead of embracing and savouring the dramatic lovliness of the end of finding neverland



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