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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

give me one more chance

you know, i think i might be a little bit pissed off at all of this. i told my marmee it was ok, that i would be ok, but she was right when she said that it would be hard, that it's going to be hard. maybe i'm sick of trying to play the adult and maybe i want to be five again, getting tucked into bed. maybe i want to have a life where none of this had never happened. maybe i want to say i'm sorry. maybe i'm more than sorry. maybe i asked for too much, maybe i didn't ask for enough. maybe it'll all be ok?

regardless, i'm going to do the un-adult thing and shove it to the back of my skull, pretend like i give two fucks about the qumran and cyrus the great and listen to bono croon and then maybe just maybe i can believe in maybe.

even if maybe isn't true or enough or really believable anyways.

maybe i need to just know that.


Blogger Saroja said...

I uber lurv you, Meggles.

What would Robin be without her Batman?
A dork in green tights - that's what.

What would Batman be without her sidekick?
A superhero without a dork in green tights that follows her around everywhere.

What are sidekicks good for other than diminishing the dignity of the superhero profession?
Comic relief (of course) and companionship -- because sidekicks understand that it's hard to be a superhero -- they know that it's tough to have all that gift and be expected to always live up to one's fullest potential because they see their superheros try and be the best they can be every day. That's also why superhoeroes put up with sidekicks and don't ship them all off to Saturn: sidekicks remind superheroes that it's ok to be normal and average and it's ok to make mistakes and be needy and yes, it's even ok to wear green tights.


Blogger Katy said...

i had a Sidekick* for dinner last night... wild mushroom rice or something.
wrong kind of sidekick... but oh so much tastier than the other kind.
shall i tuck you in, and read to you aloud, or should we get some big fuck-off shiny knives and rough the city up?



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