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Friday, April 15, 2005

don't worry even if things end up a bit

the man who once told an entire table of us that we "put his children through college. seriously." starts wiping down those same tables, suddenly bumping into my chair and only mumbling an excuse.

this morning, after an meagre four hours of sleep, i propped my eyes open and began officially what is known as cramming. however, this only lasted about ten minutes before i was given the advice to guzzle a litre or three of coffee, eat some toast and spend the rest of my free time dancing on the rooftop. [i checked- bedside dancing was not allowed. but i did it anyways].

proceeded to master the religion exam. well. maybe. but who cares. dragged self back here with liz and tried my damnest to eat some more because i just. hate. food. right now.

[i think that says something, but i refuse to comment on what exactly it means because i just don't really care to. just know that me hating food pretty much means usually that the universe is about to implode].

then, i spent the afternoon re-mastering kinda sorta roman civ terms and listening to pink floyd's the wall on repeat at volumes that i am sure breach every aspect of the res contract i signed in september that pertain to noise.

[again- no comment on the wall. if you know you'll understand].

then i mastered OR NOT the roman civ exam and proceeded to do the adult thing and go to mike's place and drink my face off. with jon. and we talked and talked and talked and it was one of those conversations that ended up being entirely memorable not because of what was said but because things were said.

upon my slightly-drunken arrival home i meet ryan who has chinese food and is sharing it with our suite because it's thursday. it's midnight. we're all here and we're all alive.

we'll all float on because it's all ok.


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