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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

and i can see that it's a lie

i like to think that i am one of those people who tans beautifully in the sun.

the reality is that i am quite fair, and when exposed to the sun for any period of time my skin usually goes slightly blotchy and te progresses too all shades of that lovely hue i would like to call le lobster.

i know this. and i'm usually pretty good about being in the sun. i usually don't see a lot of sun during the summer anyways because of my job, and the sun that i do is entirely after five pm. so, imagine my joy yesterday when i woke up, it was twenty degrees and the sun was shining and i could actually go outside in it.

i went.and oh my, the mother-lovig sunburn i got is absolutely ridiculous. but amuses me no less. it's line is utterly hiarious because of what i was [and wasn't] wearing.

hahaha, april sunburn. another thing to check off of my to-do list.


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