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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

i'm happy as christmas

this morning i woke up to country music.

you should know that i am all about almost every kind of music. i try very hard not ot be a music snob but sometimes- ususally in the presence of country music, that real twangy i lost my dog and my girl and my truck but i'll get it all back when i sing this song backwards- the music snob deep within me rears its ugly head and makes a incomprehensible noise of scoffing.

the music this morning was coming from kevin and ali's alarm clock, so i stumbled into their empty room, fumbled with the clock and then just pulled the plug from the wall.

then i had coffee and all is again right with the world. yesssss.


Blogger Laurie said...

I think waking up that way might just ruin my morning.

I can't stand counrty either.



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