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Sunday, May 29, 2005

got a letter from a messenger

you know what i love?

ok, i mean besides the obvious- my family, my friends, good music, singing out of key and diving deep into just about anything- what i really love is when some wacked out theory that i postualte or create with friends of mine actually turns out to be right.

my sister never got her driver's license, so when she was twenty one and i was eighteen, i would often driver her places. now, i get road rage kinda-sorta, and after observing me and the cars i raged at, she postulated the theory that the worst drivers, the ones who did the stupidest things, were always old men in hats.

i have yet to see this truth discounted.

while i was at school, one night peter and i came up with the theory that one of the best ways to spend a sunny summer afternoon was sitting or laying in the sun, reading a trashy star wars novel with a glass of your favourite drink.

again- i have yet to see this truth discounted.

[and i can't believe that i just admitted to reading trashy star wars novels. meh, whatever. it could be worse. much worse. i could be reading about the torrid summer affair between the pool man roderiguo and his boss's wife, maria, and the cavorting they do while the towels are in the wash and there are plenty of suds around].



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh glorious, isard.



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