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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

it's only castles burning

i find it shocking and disturbing that there seems to be this growing trend of me me me within people in my age group.

i just get the general feeeling that we, as young adults as a whole, have forgotten that slightly more exists outside the spheres of ourselves, that family and friends are not only important individuals that need to be respected, but that they also make up a huge part of who we are, and in many or all cases, who we've become. the impact and influence of our family and friends, whether negative or postive, cannot be ignored and most certainly cannot be discounted.

but it seems to me like this is happening. it makes me sad, maybe because i'm so spoiled with my family. we're close, we love each other and my family consists of my very best friends. i cannot fathom not respecting each of the people within this group. i even respect the members of my family that i rightfully shouldn't, because i understand that they are individuals with differing opinions with a most definite individual viewpoint of the world.

and i'm totally contradicting myself with the whole 'respect the individuality of others and the impact they've had on your life' point i'm talking about by trying to shove my entirely singular and quite opinionated view down your throat. but it's just something that bothers me- this assertation of complete individualism without recognition that who we are has been shaped a great deal by our families and friends, despite this current and bothersome self-centred belief that as individuals, we've become who we are entirely through our own actions or reservations, without any shaping or molding in part by others.

i think that's bullshit, and that anyone who thinks that is actually part of the non-individualistic herd that consists of the likes of paris hilton and britney spears and bubble gum pink coloured shoes with matching handbags and pom-poms.

[secretly i like pom poms though...ssssssh].

regurgitation welcomed.


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