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Monday, May 30, 2005

i'm thinking it's a sign

a picture's worth a thousand words.

where in hellfire did that saying come from, i'm really forced to wonder. meh, regardless, i have to agree with it's overall sentiment. you really can tell a lot from a photo. or sometimes you can be misled. or sometimes you can just fall in love. sometimes the sparkly colours make you want to just stare at it.

[that happens to me a lot, mainly because of my issues with sparkly colours and pretty things in general].

i've gotten some beautiful photos in the past week that speak volumes.

first, andre sent me a copy of his yellow mop picture. andre spoils me really, with his pictures. i'm not supposed to tell, but sometimes he emails copies to me. i find it very hard to impart in words what his photos mean to me because they literally leave me speechless. the random objects he captures in odd or unexpected places are my especial favourites, but really, all of his images are so astounding that i think his wordcount in picture form has reached an incalcuable number.

then, today, my liz sent me a package in the mail with a freaking hilarious cd and some pictures that have made me laugh and get lost in my mind all day. she captures people in candid moments like no other person can. and her objects, the way she frames things is both defiant and yet fells like home.

so really, i've been quite spoiled. who knew that a mop and people's hands could speak such volumes?

besides andre and liz i mean.


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