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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

perfect shiny and new

my stepfather has a fleet of vehicles.

no, seriously. part of that stems from the fact that his business necessitates at least three of them, but mainly, i'm pretty much convinced that he has a serious and somewhat dangerous affection for chevrolet astro vans. there are eight of them parked in my backyard right now. granted, two of them are pretty much stripped and have been entirely undrivable for sometime now, but they're still there, and tom still owns them, so i'm going to count them.

[there's also a honda del sol, a restored chevy malibu chevelle, ali's honda crv and kevin's hyundai something-or-other, but that's beside the point]

i drove a nineteen ninety chevy van to death- literally. three times actually. i learned to drive in it, i hit a deer with it, i moved to schoolin it, i went to the drive in in it, i brokedown on the 401 with it, i added a shitload of miles to it- i pretty much lived in it, and all in the short space of a few years. when i killed it again last christmas- and i mean KILLED it- i was sure that that was the end of my van driving days.

tom bought a new vehicle last week.

a nineteen ninety five dual toned black and white extended cab chevrolet astro can with paseenger captain's seats, air conditioning, console and tilt steering.

i think this is a type of hell i shall never escape.


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