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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh sleeping bear

past midnight, the soft sounds of rain on already-drenched pavement outide my window. in the background, a list of music i pulled randomly because it was something i've not heard, not listened to in forever.

my eyes hurt, and my head itches. i'm working on this paper like it's the most goddamn important thing in the world and all i can think of are things that i shouldn't be thinking at this hour, in this month, in this year, at this time of my life. the kinds of things that broadside you, leave you dazed, telling everyone no, no, i'm fine when really you need soemone to get that ice pack, find that band-aid, call that specialist.

i need more than a specialist, i think. i need a voodoo charmer, a southern louisiana swamp lady ready with her herbs and medicaines and salves. i need a medieval magician and a modern man. i need a cup of tea and a dose of hello.

i desire the sun. fresh fruit on a platter in early morning sunshine, hands from my favourite people reaching out simultaneously to grasp at the pulpy flesh. they all tell tales- the fruit and the hands- and i want to assimilate them all, making this forever. and i want it to be over so i know what exactly it all means.

static flight. immoving accleration. negative positives.

i love.


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