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Saturday, March 03, 2007

life in slow motion- somehow it don't feel real

kelly and i stopped at zaks's after two hours in the gallery. we felt we needed some sustenance, and friend bad-for-you susteneace at that, given that that previous night had involved a high class social gathering and the royal oak- consecutively.

after diet coke and fried potaoes, we slipped away with the new australian waiter luaghing in our wake. kelly made a comment about food coma, and me, being me, signalled my agreeement by doing a frankenstein-esque groan that was quite drawn out.

of course the couple in front of us turned around to stare.

of course they were laughing.

of course they thought i was crazy.

and, of course, kelly and i laughed all the way to parliament.

there's something so indescribable about family, about actually being able to have long silences without awkwardness, and using short-hand, about small words and minimal gestures and slight quirks.

it's one of my favourite things of life.


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