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Saturday, February 24, 2007

a portrait of a flower in full bloom

so, despite my declaration that children of men wasn't outstanding, i might have to actually come out and say that it's actually outstanding. it stuck with me much longer than it should have, and now i find myself planning to watch it again in the near future. maybe i just like the weird dystopian aspects. maybe i'm secretly in love with michael caine. maybe it's clive owen, who, for once, captured my attention and not through being a dick. who knows? regardless- i think perhaps maybe it was outstanding. and quite so.

in other news, today marks the first day in just over a week that i feel human again. maybe it was cooking- i made a giant pot of chicken stew and a pineapple upside down cake and biscuits for my roomies. maybe it was clean clothes- my sweater smells like cheer and, i'm pleased to say, bergamot.

[i've been aiming for that for some time].

or maybe, maybe it's something else. i don't know. i hate leaving things so airy-faerie [as a weird aside- i must say i am tempted to type that as aerie-faerie, simply for aesthetic reasons, even though the meaning may be a little off if i do so. and by a little i mean a lot]. but, well.

it seems i am still suffering from being unable to find the right words.

i still can't fault with this.

also- are you blind? i mean, honestly.


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