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Monday, March 19, 2007

a smile that won't wash away

there's a line my younger brother used when he was writing a story once, about the days bleeding into one another.

that's what the days have been doing- bleeding into one another, losing part of themselves as they slowly merge into each other, creating something uniform and slightly tangy, with copper overtones.

i've found myself talking incessantly in the past few days. less time spent alone and solitary than usual for this time of year. i've learned things, had facets of people revealed to me that have heretofore been unknown. sometimes they don't even know they've let this bit of self slip out. i always wonder about that- should i let them know i've figured something out, that some characteristic of their self has been revealed? but then of course, with my continual blather i'm sure i've let much more of myself slip in the past weeks than i'm aware, and it's never mentioned to me.

i've had a dream, recurring, for weeks now, about a girl named virginia.

she looks so familiar, and so beautiful- it's driving me batty just trying to figure out who, exactly, she belongs to. because i've become convinced that she belongs to somebody, and obviously somebody i know.

her message is just as enigmatic as her identity- i feel that perhaps if i could place her, what she says might become clear. i sense not uregency, but rather deep importance, but every time she talks the wind from the ocean sweeps her words away before i can make them out.

i wonder what freud would say?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, first you'd have to tell him that you were my (and many others) no-sex vegan lesbian lover (aka no-sex slut - I can't believe he went there!)... and then, of course, Freud would have a field day, I'm sure. :P

PS: I love you more than air, Melon.


Anonymous Dessa said...

Well written article.



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