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Sunday, March 11, 2007

just so confused about it

i have been searching all day for the approrpiate words to describe last night.

i don't know if that's even possible. i've been blessed with an amazing group of friends- people who i treasure and love more than i ever imagine possible. seeing them last night, dressed in suits with funny ties [snowmen and stripes and horrific diamond patterns yessss] and dresses that prove that yes, we're young women with womanly attributes afterall- the effect it's had on me is close to being beyond words.

if i could, i'd pull each of my friends aside and i'd tell them that they're beautiful, inside and out. the compassion, strength, conviction, intelligence and joy they share with me and everyone else has left an indelible impression that will remain until i am old, wearing work socks with sandals feeding my clowder of cats.

i have snapshots of moments, dancing lights reflected off of faces, arms twirling, hair swinging, teeth showing.

more indelible impressions.


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