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Saturday, March 24, 2007

the words that make you say 'hey, where you going?'

liz and i sprawl across the stone pathway leading to the centre-block of parliament, our arms flung wide and our eyes focussed on the night sky above.

i point with my right arm to the big dipper, and we spend the next five minutes searching for the north star, which, we discover, is quite difficult from our prone position. factor in the red wine/martinis consumed and the fact that it's almost one a.m., well, i don't think we can be blamed for failing to find north.

what we do find is a small group of boys, walking slowly. we end up singing alanis morissette to each other across bank street, laughing at the weird combination of 'you oughta know' and 'ironic' that the randoms come out with. inspiration hits at barrymore's- we dash inside and dance to the last eight songs, laughing heartily when the lights come on and we realize we're two of eight people left in the massive hall.

when i wake up it to the feel of red wine soaked limbs, the desire for something potatoe based, and the thought that sometimes the best plan is absolutely no plan, supplemented by red wine.


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