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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

just moving slow

four days and way more than four hundred kilometres.

i like travelling under a city by train. i like the anonymity of being in a huge crowd alternately shuffling left and right. the bloor stret viaduct makes the pit of my stomach drop out- not because i'm afraid but because of recalled words and the image of a nun.

i also like the way it feels to be in a part of ontario where i know the land. i love how i can feel limestone deep in the ground and can close my eyes and instinctively know where north is without any second guessing. i like how the bones of my body seem to settle as the water that means so much to me grows closer as the wheels of the bus i'm on roll steadily on.

i like being with family. even if we're not talking and are instead focussed on killing darth mal as a legoman.

i like being with more family that isn't blood, but family none-the-less.

i like all of this.

and i like everything that's yet to come.


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