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Sunday, September 18, 2005

when she goes to work you can hear the strings

my room here is tiny.

after my parents lost the first house i ever remember living in, we moved out to the country to an older farm house. there were three bedrooms upstairs and a room downstairs that my parents used as thier sleeping quarters. kelly and i had to share a room, but eventually- given that we were angsty pre-adolescents- i took over a different room and my older brother moved to the basement.

the room i moved into was tiny. an entire wall of it was comprised of windows- three windows. there was enough room for a single bed and a dresser and a very small night table, and that was it.

i loved it.

i have much the same kind of room now, except that it's actually a wee bit bigger than my first tiny room. there's enough space for a custom built single-esque bed, a bookcase and an improvised desk. i have approximately two square feet available to move in.

i'm as happy as a clam.


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