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Monday, January 08, 2007

if there's something inside that you want to say

in the past five days i have:

cleaned my room extensively, made spaghetti sauce, spent far too much money on after-christmas christmas items, gotten two strikes and three spares intwo separate bowling games, received rides home in cars twice, travelled on a bus filled with vomit, listened to u2 waaaaaaay more than i should, eaten a large nuber ofnoodles, cursed my sorels for weighing two tonnes, dropped my keyboard no less than three or four times [which damaged the backspace key, which, if you know me, is the worst thing that could have happened], read a good chunk of chacer and, finally, hoarded my new teapot in my room.

i plan to repeat the bowling part, the chaucer part and the teapot part in the near future.

in other news, the sky this evening was so astoundingly beautiful that i had to stop and let the wind slice through me as i admired it. butter yellows and pale pinks and icy turqoises and purple-tones greys reigned supreme while the sun gleaned off of windows, making it look like everything across ottawa was in flames.


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