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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

man makes a building

for some reason, i am ridiculously enamoured with bad u2 remixes currently. especially of songs from zooropa and pop. there's something about the falsetto combined with a drum machine beat and some sexy southern-sounding voices that apparently does it for me.

in other news, houdini met his match last night. apparently a combination of peanut butter and vegetable cracker was the perfect lure, as well as the perfect weight to ensure that the mouse trap would do its job. he was lucky- it was a humane and swift kill, from the look of things. i feel bad for the poor bastard though. this may or may not stem from a memory i have of when i was younger, and a half dead mouse that my mom tried to save. i know that a mouse isn't safe or good to have in a house, but i struggle with trapping them. usually nim, or runten, or boris or faxe of agnes does the job for me. but, well, he did get a lot of good last meals. if i may say so, houdini was probably going to have to move up a size in straight-jacket pretty soon.

i have three hours until my exam starts.

perhaps i should begin concentrating.


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