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Saturday, July 08, 2006

can't get enough of your love, baby

half one finds veronica, ben, zach, and i making our way slowly but surely through the waterfront campground in search of the infamous vessel. after hearing about him and his antics for more than three years, i'm more than excited to even catch a glimpse.

as it is, i'm not sure that the evening could have gotten much better: mom-food, pina coladas, fireworks in a most dangerous manner and bad movies start things off. when we decide to go to the pacific for a quick drink and some karokee, things improve exponentially when we step inside and are greeted by the sight of Fexel, one of our fishermen, belting out old country.

he buys us a round, sings barry white and drives home after telling us all the warning signs in the harbour and on the roads are because of him.

later, half way to the promised [and still entirely infamous] vessel, i stop, crane my neck and start slowly turning.

"where in the hell is cassiopeia?"

zach starts imitating me and we collide in mid twist, our whiskey and guinness catching up with us. there's a faint clink as the "danger: high voltage" sign he's ripped from a post somewhere connects with something metallic, and then we're on our way again, chasing veronica and ben.

when i woke up this morning, i had a strange bruise on my left knee, dirty hair and no less than eight mosquito bites.


[also: danger will robinson. this could be tricksy].


Anonymous Benjamin said...

Vessel is amazing.



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