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Saturday, June 17, 2006

that's what i like about you

six am wake up + sunburn + thirty degree weather + garage sale + douglas coupland's newest novel = pure and utter majesty.

now i have to go and buy way too much cheese and way too many eggs. and then, i need to hop on the fantastic and magical schwinn and leap into georgian bay. it takes years off the life of my heart, yes, but on a day like this, it's too fucking amazing to miss.

i am so excited that my toes are tingling.

in other news, i'm convinced that duckie has eloped with a strong, dark irishman who has swept her off her feet. there may be a bit of turmoil in the first weeks of their relationship- specifically pertaining to the involvment of guinness with breakfast and the necessity of wool in every aspect of one's wardrobe, not tomention that pesky fascination she has with a certain drummer- however, things will work out and when i'm forced into visiting them, it will just suck so hard to have to sleep in their guest cottage.

i'm guessing his name is o'connell.



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